Wonderfilled Mid-Autumn Festival


Reignite the childlike delight in all of us, transforming the world’s favorite cookie into one of Singapore’s most iconic brands.


Capitalize on the annual Mid-Autumn festival and its traditional sweet treat, the Mooncake. We created the The Oreo Mooncake initiative, a campaign to celebrate the season of harmony and family togetherness by giving back to the community through the wonderfilled world of Oreo.

1. The Bakeshop Tie-Up

We partnered with a local bakeshop to cook up a limited edition Wonderfilled Oreo Cheese Mooncake.

2. The Influencer Buzz

Delivered with love to influencers in different social media channels the Wonderfilled bag of Oreo goodness including a one-of-its-kind hand-painted hacked musical lantern.

3. Public Love

Social posting and lots of content brought the Oreo Mooncake Initiative to the people.

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2,000 likes, 130 comments, 420 shares

A nation lit up with Wonderfilled goodness and love


"Till now the Mooncake initiative’s still THE topic whenever anyone talks about Singapore Oreo."

Yifang Lee, January 2015

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